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Getting a Radon Inspection in Minnesota

Is your home safe?

Getting a Radon Inspection in Minnesota is one of the smartest moves a homeowner can make, especially if you have a basement.

Inspect It of Andover is one of the most experienced home inspection and radon inspection professionals in Anoka County, Isanti County, and Sherburne County. Getting a radon inspection in Minnesota, as a homeowner or landlord, is one of the smartest moves you’ll make regarding your property. Radon is one of the #1 causes of lung cancer in America, and a majority of Minnesota’s counties have high levels of radon. Over 78% of homes average have high levels, in fact, and are in dire need of a professional radon inspection.


What happens during a radon inspection?

Let’s start with a quick summary about what we are inspecting: RADON.  Radon is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, making it an invisible danger to your family. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas emitted from Minnesota’s soil. It gets into the air you breathe, and the water you drink. Even “radon-resistent” new construction homes should be thoroughly tested, to be sure they are truly resistant with the radon mitigation fan, and not just “radon system ready”.

Radon Inspection Expectations

Radon is a radioactive gas, and should only be dealt with by a professional. It is important to have your home tested, and retested over the years. Professional radon inspections ensure the test results are accurate and done properly. Long term tests generally give a more accurate picture of exposure to the family living in the home, as radon levels can vary throughout the year. Short term test kits are inexpensive and typically take 2-3 days for results, but a professional can best accurately interpret the results and make a plan if there is an issue.

If you’re concerned about the results you received from a do-it-yourself radon test kit, it’s time to call a professional right away. An experienced and certified home inspector is the best way to ensure your family’s safety. 78% of Minnesota homes are a concern for dangerous radon levels. Are you certain your home is safe? Call to ask about a radon inspection from one of Minnesota’s best radon inspection companies- Inspect it of Andover. Bill Bisek will be happy to answer your questions! At the very least, get a DIY Radon Inspection Kit and if your results are concerning, reach out for professional assistance on how to lower the level of radon in your home.